Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vintage plastic wares

A vintage butter dish reminiscent of the one I broke when I was a kid

A pretty three tier plastic ware made in Japan in the late 70s

A vintage Chinese New Year candy tray with compartments for different sweets and melon seeds

Well designed vintage ceramics and plastic ware from Europe and America are doing a thriving business on ebay today. There are also beautifully designed Japanese and Hong Kong vintage plastics of the 70s and 80s which were popular household items in Asia back in those days. Some of these early plastic wares such as the Chinese New Year candy trays from Hong Kong were very durable and had a nice "crystal cut" finishing which made them such beautiful collectibles. Also found a vintage butter dish which was similar to my mum's back in the 70s. I remember dropping and breaking it when I was a clumsy kid.  Don't you think this vintage butter dish makes a lovely jewellery box ? It certainly has a unique star cut design which was the trend back then. 

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