Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vintage bags

My favourite vintage buy of 2012 so far must be this cute white retro bag that reminds me so much of the Pan Am era. It was in perfect condition with a little word Nutri-Metrics just below its handle. I do remember this brand of lip stick on my mother's dresser way back and this bag must have been a free gift way back then. It was sold by my favourite vintage seller whom I have not seen for almost 8 months after he sold his shop. He rented a little stall just outside his previous shop and I couldn't resist some of the things he had brought.

This bag was of the perfect hand carry size. It was a petite vintage luggage just right for an overnight trip. The mirror was a little old but I could easily get it replaced. Most importantly, the green interior was in  good condition. Apparently, the bag has not been used and was just sitting in a store room for many, many years. Sounds like the store room in my mum's place which I am sure would unearth many treasures only if she let me. I wonder if my mum kept some of my old toys. She has hoarding tendencies and the possibilities are there.

My two vintage bags from the 60's. The blue one was bought a few years back.

Can't help mucking around with my pictures.