Sunday, April 8, 2012

Second hand bread maker

All puffed up and ready in the machine
A little golden loaf ready to be sliced
Looks like a slice of lemon cake from this angle
My husband and I happened to drive past a Salvation Army Store just yesterday and my old thrifting itch started acting up again. "Don't we have enough old things in the house ?" my husband asked. Well honestly, I haven't been buying anything old for such a long time. And they are not just old , they are beautiful things from the past. At Salvation Army, there are rooms of old exercise equipment, shoes, bags, toys but he did find one of the rooms quite interesting. It came with power tools, steam boat sets, travel iron and loads of fruit juicers and coffee makers. Came across a Breville bread maker that was almost new. " Didn't you want to buy one just the other day ?" asked my husband. I did and enquired about a Japanese bread maker that costs around $200. I hesitated then as I was worried that it might become a "white elephant" appliance in the home. But my track record for kitchen appliances have been pretty good so far. The Philips air fryer, a slow cook pot, a multi-tier steamer and the Kitchen Aid cake mixer in my kitchen have been put to regular good use. Moreover, the Breville bread maker which comes with an Australian electric socket looked like it hadn't been used before. Costing only $60 with proceeds going to charity, I decided to take one home. 

The appliance was put to the test just this afternoon, filling up the house with a wonderful aroma of freshly made bread. We put some garlic spread over the cut slices and it really was a delightful teatime treat. Looking forward to making more exotic tasting bread using nuts, fruits and spices. Will attempt pizza dough with it soon but I just hope my enthusiasm for it doesn't run out before I do. This is my first recycled electric appliance and I love the idea that one person's junk can be another person's new found treasure. 

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