Sunday, February 16, 2014

Home made hydroponics garden

Hydroponics - described as the process of growing plants in rock, wood, gravel or water with added nutrients but without soil. The uncle at my residential community garden has moved on to hydroponics, his latest passion and being such a DIY practitioner, he bought his own plastic tubing, pipes etc and created his nursery and water irrigation system. There were little seedlings of xiao pai chye growing in each little hole on the plastic nursery bed and over at the other corner was a more complex irrigation system where water with nutrients flow through to give the butter and red coral lettuce the needed supply for healthy growth. Uncle seems all excited about the NParks competition that is coming up on the 1st March and I do hope he wins the gold medal. He tells me how proud and happy he is to actually have a little garden where he can practice his passion and relive his good ole childhood days. 

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