Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gardens by the Bay

Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own country. I've come to realize that Singapore has changed so much that I don't seem to recognize what I grew up with. Singapore has gone from third world during my parents' generation in the 60's ( Singapore became independent only in 1965 ) to first world right before my eyes. Change is inevitable but most Singaporeans do feel that by becoming a global city in such short a time, we lose a big part of our heritage and our identity. 

I decided to take a day off to just walk around Singapore. Gardens by the Bay is a place that I've not visited even though I have heard so much about it. I first saw strange futuristic structures in the making when I happened to be at Marina Bay two years ago. They were still under construction and had me wondering then. Today, these super trees are quite a vision. I couldn't help but stare at it in awe. As I had only an hour to spend at the Gardens, I had to make do with a quick walk around. What surprised me too was the white painted bronze sculpture called Planet featuring a child suspended in mid air . Just like the super trees, it was quite a surreal vision . Images that are stark, bold and different in contrast to the fauna and flora all around. Images of modern Singapore. Some of it are quite good but it is important to keep the balance. A mix of traditional and modern - something forward and something familiar that keeps us rooted.  Guess we all have our preferences. I have always preferred things to evolve organically. 

Think I will check out the conservatories in the Garden the next time. 

Planet - white painted bronze, stainless steel by Marc Quinn , United Kingdom 

This is my first sighting  of a calabash tree

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