Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ramadhan Food bazaar at Bussorah Street.

If you mention kuehs in Singapore, most Chinese Singaporeans will mention Bangawan Solo nonya kuehs as they are kind of a ubiquitous sight in shopping malls . But for a change, try the Malay kuehs at Arab street around the Sultan Mosque, especially during the Ramadhan period. After a most delightful lunch at Sabar Menanti II consisting of chicken korma, the softest beef rendang and sambal squid, I couldn't help buying the Malay kuehs just outside the shop. There were boxes of the most interesting and colourful kuehs which were mostly sweet though there were some savoury ones as well as the ever popular curry puffs. Made from a variety of ingredients such as glutinous rice flour, coconut, gula melaka, pandan, green pea flour etc and steamed to perfection. Most cost less than the price of the commercial ones at Bengawan Solo and there is a wider variety. My absolute favourite is Pulut Panggang- glutinous rice with dessicated coconut in the middle, wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled to perfection. The honey comb steamed cake ( I love calling it the ant's nest cake) has the most interesting taste texture, spongy with a fragrant caramel taste that is not too sweet and just right. I've tasted kuehs at Geylang Serai before but to me the Sabar Menanti ones are tastier. 

After a most satisfying lunch, I wandered across to Bussorah Street where the Sultan Mosque was situated  and came across a very lively food bazaar. As it was a Friday , just after prayer time, there was quite a crowd there , jostling to buy dinner and sweet treats to break fast at 7.15pm that night. Rojak bandong, Indian mee siam, roti john and more. Pity that I had to rush back. Definitely coming back again soon as the bazaar will only be around for less than 2 weeks before Hari Raya Puasa. 

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