Sunday, March 27, 2016


The nutritional value of pomegranates has been quite well publicized lately through social media and this may explain why this fruit has become so popular in Singapore lately. In the past, I used to find them only in shops along Little India but supermarkets are now bringing them in when they are in season from all around the world such as Turkey, Spain, United States and Egypt.

My kids like freezing them and eating them as snacks while I like slow juicing them, leaving all the pulp behind. Sometimes I get a good deal when they are very very ripe ( 6 for $3 was the best deal I had ) and I add gelatin to the wonderful juice for a nice cold jelly. While in Turkey, I discovered that a special pomegranate molasses gives salads an extra special zing.
It is tedious to remove the seeds (avrils) from the fruit but the benefits pomegranates give are so worth the effort. 

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