Monday, May 30, 2016

Popo Muruku - old school favourites

Brought popiah to a friend's place for lunch and she popped in some Popo muruku on the popiah before wrapping for texture and crunch. Think I can try it one day for my vegetable salad which is a modification of the Chinese New Year yue sheng dish which I love. I used to pop quite a number of this old school snack back in my growing up years and based on the packaging, Popo muruku has been around since 1975.

A baby which is the icon of the brand represents the word Popo which means baby though I always thought that Popo was closer to the meaning of Grandma (lost in translation) !  My friend says there are other flavours such as seaweed and chicken though I 've not come across these in the supermarkets.

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