Monday, May 18, 2009

Caramel Cafe

Cafes and eating joints spring up all the time. Some of them make an impression either on the food or the decor and sometimes, though not often- both !

Visited Caramel Cafe at Beach Road (Singapore) recently. Its vintage style of mismatched plates, beautiful teacups, upholstered stools and sofas in bright vintage prints took my breath away when I first stepped into the cafe. The walls were covered with unusual frames and pictures sourced from flea markets around the world and there was even a corner selling hand made plushes, bags and toys.

The four co-owners were former illustrators and fashion stylists who were seeking an alternative career path. There is even an adjorning hair salon which shared the overall concept.

I must say the decor made a bigger impression on me than the food on the first visit. I ordered a bacon salad with white wine vinegar which was reasonably good. But I started to enjoy the food more during my subsequent visit. My Japanese Goma sauce spaghetti and my friend's Rendang spaghetti were really delicious with a home cook goodness about them. The menu changes everyday which is great if you love surprises.

We had their signature drinks too - lemon grass tea and Vitaplum, a mixture of Vitagen and plum. Kudos to the chef CK Koo for being so creative ! Of course, there are delightful cupcakes which are a visual and tasty treat. Check out their blogsite which is just as beautiful as their cafe. Not surprising, considering their previous careers.

This cafe gives me such a happy, positive vibe. Loved it.

Hairloom & Caramel
100 Beach Road

#01-50/52 Shaw Towers
Singapore 189702

Hairloom, the Salon

Caramel, the Cafe

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