Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The LaSalle Show

Visited the Lasalle exhibition today which showcases the works of final year students

It was my first time at Lasalle , one of Singapore's premiere arts school housed in an impressive building . It had a sleek, black and streamlined exterior silhouette and a wavy, cool interior with vast spaces for galleries and exhibitions.

More impressive were the works of the students and I wished I had more time to look at all the categories of work. There were some impressive claymation video accompanied by storyboarding and characterisation . Also exhibited were the actual clay figurines used. I liked the one by Cindy Neo entitled Dreaming Awake. Her claymation video tells the story of 12 year old Amy, blind from the age of 3 who lives with her overprotective mother and her cat.

Other claymodels displayed there were also very interesting, ranging from cute and quirky to dark and disturbing

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