Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Singapore Design Festival 2009

Weed calendar by Celia Law - experience the different seasons with 4 different scents

Flaunt your lighting not your painting by Alfred Lau

Heart in Art by Jeremy Sun - Painting the facade of a chest of drawers with objects dearest to the owner's heart.

More designs that "Rock"

An avant garde rocking bed for a baby based on the word "yao"

The "Shuang" fan

Happened to be at the Arts House today and chanced upon a little exhibition which is part of Singapore Design Festival 2009 (20-30 November)

One of the design exhibits was that of a fan and it made use of the Chinese word "Shuang" (feeling delighted and happy). According to the designer Woon Taiwoon, this is a fan of emotions that helps to cool one down to get the "Shuang" feeling. The red threat can also be manipulated to form other words that express one's thoughts. The other exhibit demonstrates the Chinese word "Yao" (rock). The best designs are those that combine functionality and style and some were more abstract and eye candy than anything else. Singapore Design Festival comes along once every 2 years with design works featured at different locations in Singapore including design schools, foreign embassies and shopping malls such as ION and Vivocity.

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