Sunday, January 3, 2010

The thrill of the Hunt at the Flea Market

Something cute
Something fun
Something retro
Something classic
Something old fashioned
Went flea marketing today at China Square, the first for 2010 and it does seem like there are more stalls and people now. Had a good hunt and loved what I found. A vintage blue glass candy/ cake tray popularly used during Chinese New Year in the late 60's and 70's. An elderly couple sold it to me at quite a good price and it was beautiful. This was definitely my find of the day !

Also found a nice white clutch bag saddled among toys. It looked like a mini little Mac and it costs me only $5 ! Think it goes well with a Chanel like rose brooch I saw at the next stall. Costs me $5 too :) And since China Square's major attractions are toys, I can't seem to leave the place without one. Bought 32 little mighty beans in a bag for just $5 ! They were the craze some years back and will bring back some good memories for my kids. And for $2, I just had to get a strange little donkey and a retro looking tin robot for $8.

The best part of flea marketing is really the hunt and the satisfaction of spotting something good and cheap amidst the clutter ! It is not always that you get something as I have left empty handed on a number of occasions. But then, there is always another time.

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