Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year

Just before the pineapple filling is added

Before a pastry tip is added

Baked and ready!
Pineapple tarts are synomous with Chinese New Year celebrations. Pineapple in the Chinese Teochew dialect sounds like 'Wang Lie', which means imminent luck and that explains its popularity with the Chinese during this festive season.

I have eaten pineapple tarts all my life but never have I attempted this popular pastry. So after all these years, there is always a first time! By using butter instead of margarine, it does make a difference in terms of fragrance and taste. Today's task was meant to be a trial before I do the real thing closer to Chinese New Year. However, I am not sure if I would like to do it again as the process is quite tedious. Maybe. And if I do, I will definitely not attempt to cook lunch and dinner in between and free myself for the day just for this !

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