Friday, October 1, 2010

Chinese artists

In recent years, Singapore has been attracting a new wave of immigrants from all around the world who bring with them new skills and creativity. Chinese prowness in arts have made the art scene in Singapore all the more vibrant and colourful. One example is Chen Chudian, a painter from Shanghai who has made Singapore his home. His painting of Sun Yat Sen visiting Singapore's Chinatown on a Mooncake Festival night more than 100 years ago is an impressive masterpiece. It features in great detail the people of Chinatown as they go about their lives - the street hawkers peddling their wares, grandmothers doting on their grandkids and even a dog drooling at Chinese buns in a steamer. All these activities while Sun Yat Sen cuts an impressive figure right in the middle as he poses for a picture. Sun Yat Sen has been acknowledged as the father of modern China as he led a revolution against the decadent Manchu imperial dynasty. During that time, he used Singapore as his base to gain support and many Chinese immigrants here contributed to the cause. This work of art is now on permanent display at the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Balestier Road.

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