Saturday, March 19, 2011

By Air Mail - Par Avion

There's something romantic about writing a letter and sending it by Air Mail - Par Avion. The familiar blue and white envelope with the familiar chop looks very nostalgic now as we don't practise letter writing as often as we used to.

Some of the greatest love letters were written this way, especially during wars and times of separation. But today, the volume of letters going around the world have shrunk considerably. It is definitely more convenient to send an email. So how are love notes communicated ? Probably via emails and SMS. But the recent revival of the air mail in vintage and retro inspired designs brings back some of that good o'le sentimental feeling.
Some weeks back, I saw a little stash of blue and red envelopes at the bookshop and feeling a little nostalgic, I bought it just in case I would write a letter to a far away friend. I do have a penpal from New Zealand and we have been friends since we were 12 years old. She writes faithfully every year during Christmas with a card and a letter.

Well, it was raining this afternoon and for some strange reasons, I took these air mail envelopes out and created some little random pictures together with my other stash of quaint cafe pictures.

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