Sunday, March 27, 2011

Haji Lane shopping in Singapore

Mall shopping is not quite my cup of tea. The shop mix in Singapore malls is becoming quite predictable that it makes on-line shopping increasingly attractive. However, I still love the feeling of seeing a product - the cut, colour, touch and feel of a fabric, how accessories dazzle in the light or how quaint homeware gives one a nice cosy feeling. This is especially true for independent shops and brands where creative touches to window displays, products and interiors make them irresistible.

Such a place is Haji Lane in Singapore where the shops display a strong streak of individuality. This place was once a narrow lane of run down shophouses until Comme des Garcons set up shop here some years back. Being a guerrilla Japanese brand, it had to set up shop for only one year, away from the usual fashion hub of the city before moving again.

The Comme des Garcons shop has since come and gone but other shops have moved in. Run down shophouses have now been repaired and restored and are now home to some of the loveliest shops in Singapore. My favourites in this area - the Sky Room, Soon Lee, Puck and the Blogshop. Whimsical touches are evident everywhere, from postboxes to window frames, from benches to walls and stairs. Some shopowners have their little pets around such as cats and little Jack Russell dogs giving it a sweet, personal touch. A nice, small indie shopping place with an easy, chill-out feel.

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