Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The year of the Dragon - 2012

It has been quite a Chinese New Year for me this year. Realised that I haven't taken any pictures at all and that's probably because I spent so much time socialising or catching up that I kind of neglected my blog. So the only picture that I have for CNY is a beautiful set of ang pows with gorgeous blossoms and the most fabulous colours other than red - fushia, purple, mandarin orange, pink and turquoise.

5 memorable colourful moments for me this Chinese New Year include

1. Getting invited to the beautiful home of a fellow blogger Nong Jia Niu. http://nongjianu.blogspot.com/. She is the first friend I've made online in a serendipity moment. She hails from my favourite family vacation town of Malacca and is one of those rare people who pays attention to the small but beautiful things in life.

2. Making authentic nonya laksa Katong style for the first time, from a receipe that I've kept for years  but never got around to trying. It brought back the taste of the laksa I had when I was a little girl ( many many years ago ) from a little Katong shophouse.The only taste missing was fresh cockles which would have made it perfect. Lazy old me only got around to cooking it as my husband's sisters were visiting me for the first time this Chinese New Year. As they were good cooks, I had to find something different, risky as it was to try a new receipe.

3. Being visited by my daughter's school friends, all 9 of them for the first time. They were such a lovely lively bunch !

4. Getting to know the mum of my daughter's friend who introduce me to the Tibetan snow lotus and how a home made version of the drink can enhance the immunity of the body.

5. Having a delicious Chinese New Year lunch with my team mates and screaming Huat Ah ! as we toss for good fortune, health and happiness !


Lil Piggy said...

Hi! I was searching ang pow related images as I am a collector, and chanced upon the beautiful picture of the flowered ang pows on your blog. Could you be so kind as to tell me which company issued these "pieces of art"?

Smell the Coffee said...

Hi Lil Piggy,

It wasn't issued by a company or bank. I was at a premium fair where exhibitors showcased their products that can be customised to suit clients' needs. I was admiring this set of ang pows and the guy manning the store said I could have it.
The company's name is Prestige Premiums Pte Ltd/ tel: 6568585086/www.prestigepremiums.asia

Hope this helps.

Serene Choo

Lil Piggy said...

Thanks! I will try my luck to get in touch with them and see if I can get a set for my collection. Thanks again for your help!