Monday, September 24, 2012

Buffet lunch at Sukhothai Bangkok

The beautiful courtyard of the Sukhothai 

Platters of lobsters and Alaskan crabs 

5 different types of oysters - Crassostrea, Tasmanian Pacific, Eld inlet, Barron Point, Fine de Claire

Eld Inlet oysters from Puget Sound, Washington. 

Barron Point oysters are too harvested in Puget Sound, Washington. They are mildly salty and are plump and sweet. My favourite !

Fine De Claire are top range oysters from France 

Tasmanian Pacific oysters from Australia 

Clockwise from top-Crassostrea, Tasmanian Pacific, Eld inlet, Barron Point, Fine de Claire

Grilled crayfish, prawns and fish wrapped in banana leaf 

All the sashimi you can eat 

A gourmet selection of cheeses from around the world 

Honey pure as it gets , straight from the honey comb.

Sushi platter

Bottom left : Hoy Jor (Thai Crab sausage) and Goong Hom Par (shrimp spring roll) plus other Thai delectables

Foie gras 

A selection of chocolate truffles 

Deep Dish Pavlova

Carrot Marzipan Torte 

Summer Pudding

Jamaican cheese cake

Sticky toffee pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding

Kanom Kloay - Thai coconut pudding in banana pyramid shape and Kanom Piak Poon, rice flour custard with pandan

Macaroons in gorgeous colours and flavours
Buffets are never my cup of tea and I was actually more enthusiastic about real Thai food but it took very little persuasion for my friends to get me as soon as I asked "Will there be oysters ?"
"Yes, not just one but 5 types ! "
"Yes, count me in !"

Oysters , Alaskan crab and lobsters, grilled seafood of all sorts, roast wayu beef, lamb chops, sashimi, sushi, foie gras, Thai dishes, hand made pasta with different sauces, salads, the biggest selection of cheeses I've seen and oh so beautiful desserts !  I spent the first 10 minutes or so taking pictures while my friends were devouring seafood, right from the start. For around $120 Singapore dollars each person (advance booking is needed), the selection at Sukhothai Bangkok was indeed impressive. 

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