Sunday, September 23, 2012

Talad Rot Fai – the Railway Market (Bangkok)

I love how markets have become such a lifestyle in Thailand, promoting enterprise and creativity among the Thais. Each market has its own unique branding and one that has opened quite recently is Talad Rot Fai, a market famous for its trendy, vintage shopping. 

Known also as the Railway Market, it opens from 2pm to midnight every Saturday and Sunday. Once home to railway warehouses , it has now turned into a antique wonderland where vendors come selling in their retro VW vans and army utility trucks. From antique chandeliers to rotating world globes, from old fashioned phones, tiffin carriers to Coke collectibles and plastic dolls. Even if you are not into these, it is fun to see all these old pieces from a bygone era. I was really having a good time and my friends have found a new way to describe my vintage collecting ways-"There she goes, looking for trash...sures again !" 

We had some supper at a bar filled with trendy young Thais and though the menu was limited - chicken wings, french fries, squid salad, the ambience made up for the lack of it. On stage were 2 young Thai guys performing jazzy Thai tunes and it gave the place a good, chill out vibe.  The atmosphere and the dim lights made me feel and look young again. 

The letters look like they came from Norman Bates' motel 
Chandeliers, an old Japanese style bath tub & world globe-how quaint! 

I love the old display cabinets of some vendors 

I was nuts for attempting to buy Mr Peanut in brown, red and green. 

Crab noodles from a street vendor

Shaved ice desserts are always popular in Asia

Bongo playing at a really cool and funky cafe 

Antique chairs at a cafe to go with the vintage theme of the market

a keropok toasted over a hot charcoal fire

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