Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas window display at Selfridges

Selfridges is the biggest department store along Oxford Street in London and its window displays are like the Rolls Royce of window art . What they have for Christmas 2009 is based on fairy tales but with a twist. The mannequins seem to possess a certain eccentricity and in terms of style, it was very much like Lady Gaga meets Vivien Westwood meets Alexander McQueen. To have it fairy tale sweet would have been too predictably boring and forgettable but this was bizarre in a good way. Loved it though I couldn't capture them properly as the human traffic along this stretch made it rather difficult. Fairy tales featured includes Dick Whittington, Peter Pan, Cinderalla and her wicked step sisters, Snow White, The Three Bears and Red Riding Hood . Along with each display were special typography in neon lights. Expressions include "Who is the Fairest ?" " At the Stroke of Midnight POOF ! " What I loved most - the iconic British bulldog with a crown, the mice that scrambled along and became horsemen in the Cinderella tale and of course the wolf wearing Grandma's bonnet.

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