Thursday, December 10, 2009

Traditional type fonts

Do you still remember the days of the traditional typewriter before computers took over ? I love the rhythm it made during typing. It was also the days before the invention of the photo copier and making an extra copy meant having to place a carbon copy below the paper. Extra copies could also meant extra smudges :)
As a kid, I was intrigued by the typewriter and wondered how my dad was able to memorise the placing of the keys so well. I love the lettering that the typewriter gave - imperfect and scrawny yet beautiful in its own way. So when I came across some stamp lettering with the type letter font just the other day, I just had to get it. Also bought some of the tiniest, cutest stamps of Russian dolls, cup cakes, teapots and biscuits as well. They had a very vintage feel to it and I was looking forward to doing some personalised gift tags the old fashion way. My daughter Chloe wanted to "play" too and helped me with the cards. She was unhappy as she could never get all the letters in perfect alignment. Told her that it was even better that way just like the days of the old typewriter where you may not be able to get some letters in a straight line due to some faulty keys. Imperfections can be beautiful.

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