Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Doctor's Bag

A local flea market find - a doctor's bag

The blue and polka dotted boxy handbags - flea market finds in New York

I love boxy shaped handbags and was probably inspired by my mum's handbag collection years ago. It was also common to see them featured in my dad's old stacks of LIFE magazines where Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly were frequently featured holding these bags. Hong Kong stars of yesteryear loved carrying them too as they were the " it " bag of those times. These bags are lovely as there were dainty enough to hold in your hands and roomy enough to fill it with essentials. And of course, the bag sits prettily without slouching over.

While at a local flea markets the other day, I chanced upon a boxy doctor's bag that was a real beauty. The doctor's bag must have been the inspiration for those boxy handbag designs all those years ago.

Well, just as I couldn't resist buying boxy shaped handbags at flea markets in New York, seeing a doctor's bag in mint condition at a local flea market shop was just too irresistable.

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