Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Home Cooked Meal

A prelude to a wonderful dinner !

One of life's simplest pleasures is to be surrounded by family and friends for a good home cooked meal. I love to host as well as be invited to a friend's place for lunch or dinner. A home cooked meal conveys sincerity and friendship more so than a meal at a restaurant. If one hasn't be able to keep in touch regularly due to work commitments, taking the time to plan a meal gathering at least once or twice a year over special occasions is important.

I was invited to a friend's place for dinner and was impressed all the way, from his table setting to his three course meals. Khir was really passionate about food and would go to great lengths to get the freshest ingredients. When he had dinner at my place a few months back, I had such a casual, laid back "serve everything at once" style that it was a fun and funny constrast ! My daughters said I even brought out the frying pan from the kitchen to place the food on the plate. Oh dear ! Mustn't do that again :)

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