Sunday, March 28, 2010


A bottlecap hat !

Peranakan cake and candy stands

I love flea marketing and the local ones that specialise in things from yesteryear are really lovely.
Was hit by a wave of nostalgia while I was at China Square last Sunday. Some of the things I saw were really a blast from my growing up days in the 70's and 80's. A glossy plastic container reminded me of the butter dish my mum used to have in her fridge and how I had it chipped after dropping it . Also, the beaded purses that jewellery shops used to give after mum made her gold purchase and of course the beautiful Peranakan candy and cake stands my grandma displayed during Chinese New Year.
The guy who sold the cake stands to me was at a stage of life when he 's trying to get rid of memories while there I was trying to buy back some of these memories. Isn't life strange ? Talking about strange, I just had to get a bottle in the shape of a nun. She was a picture of serenity with her hands clasped....except for that strange blue bottlecap on her head. What a quirky little touch ! If they had one done for a lady in 60's fashion, the bottlecap will look perfect as a pillbox hat, the kind that Jackie Kennedy loved wearing. That's functionality and design combined !

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