Sunday, March 14, 2010

Roti Jala

Today, my aunt showed me how to make Roti Jala, a lacy crepe/pancake that can be eaten with both chicken or beef curry. Making this requires a special mould which looks like the milk teats of a dairy cow and this can be found in shops that specialise in selling cake ingredients and equipment. A good place to find it would be in Geylang or Tanjong Katong. Once a ladleful of batter is placed in the mould, move over a non stick frying pan in a circular motion to create a random lacy pattern. Unlike Western pancakes, there is no need to turn it over once the top is done.

Put 2 lacy pancakes together and fold them into quarters. Here is the receipe for the batter

2 eggs
3/4 tin evaporated milk ( this helps to create pancakes that are soft and fluffy )
2 cups of flour
2 teaspoons of salt

Blend all with some water and pour batter out into a bowl

Then add some more water to blender together with 2 more cups of flour, blend and pour out into the bowl

Stir the mixture in bowl with a spatula and add some yellow colouring

Roti Jala goes well too with a sauce consisting of a blend of peanut, dry chillies and tomato sauce. This sauce can be spread over the top of hard boiled eggs and served together with the curry. Unlike prata, Roti Jala is not commonly found in eating places. Perhaps making this is too time consuming. Think they are best enjoyed as a dish for special occasions when one requires a change from eating rice or noodles. Yummy !

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