Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wallace and Gromit Christmas stamps

These special Christmas 2010 edition of Wallace and Gromit stamps have just been released in Britain. I am a big Wallace and Gromit fan and they certainly get my stamp of approval though I don't live in Britain and wish someone there would post me a card with it.
These bright and cheery stamps do remind me that Christmas festivities are just around the corner and I should get a head start. Gromit seems to be the one doing all the work, from posting letters to carrying that huge ball of Christmas pudding. But he does get a reward as Wallace has knitted him a bone sweater though it is a tad too big. Strange as it sounds, one of Wallace's favourite hobby is to knit.
I love the idea of posting Christmas cards though this practice has seems to have lost its popularity with the introduction of e-cards. I still remember the sense of excitement when the postman delivered Christmas cards during the season. You never know who the card was from till you opened it. My favourites were Christmas cards with silvery glitter made to look like beautiful shimmering snow on winter landscape pictures.

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