Monday, November 15, 2010

V and A Museum (Part 1)

When I was younger, going to a museum was never at the top of my priority list. I could never get a thrill out of static exhibits or things from the past. But it is different for me today. I suppose an appreciation of history and things of beauty and character comes with age. Whenever my daughter goes for a school excursion at one of the local museums, I can see the lack of enthusiasm in her eyes when I ask her whether she's excited. She only lights up when she gets to pack her favourite junk snacks for the journey. Hope that changes as she grows. It did for me.

Now, I make it a point to visit a museum whenever I get a chance. Having a free day in London in the course of work this past week made a trip to a museum a priority. London and New York have the best museums in the world and planning a trip to one of them is a must when you are in the country. I chose V and A , short for the Victoria and Albert Museum as it houses a range of historical art and design exhibits from different eras and countries.

It was easy getting there via the London tube. Stop at the South Kensington station and signs will lead you there very easily via a connecting tunnel. Greeting me at the entrance was a most impressive signage of V and A. The glowing alphabets moved individually every minute so that the letters can be seen by approaching visitors from both sides of the tunnel. Something as bright and modern as this really stood out against the grim bricks of the tunnel.

Another feature that stood out for me was a blown glass chandelier by Dale Chihuly installed as the focal point in V and A 's main lobby. Dale Chihuly is considered the greatest living glass artist and his work in V and A was a huge flowing blue and yellow installation that reminded me of a glowing jelly fish. The installation art and structure of the building was simply beautiful and I haven't even got to the exhibits yet.

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