Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grey Hound at Siam Paragon

Had dinner with my friends at Another Hound by Greyhound (a mouthful of a name) located at Siam Paragon. The Greyhound version of Thai papaya salad comes in a much smaller portion than what we were used to, which is usually a mountain of papaya shreds. It was an elegant portion with little grapes and pineapples but there wasn't really much to share or to pass around. The mussels with tomatoes and basil came with 3 slices of bread, strategically placed to hold back the gravy. It had a nice sweet sour taste when eaten with the bread. The squid ink sphaghetti with scallops looked and tasted heavenly as the scallops were very fresh while the calamari tasted just right, without being over fried or oily. 

The Greyhound chain is famous for its attention to details. Heard from friends who come regularly - its ice lemon tea is served with ice cubes made from frozen ice tea. This way, the drink will never taste diluted even if the ice melts. Unfortuately, we had dinner really late that Sunday night and they ran out of lemon tea ice cubes. But overall, it was a beautiful evening.  

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