Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dempsey - PS Cafe and House

House and PS Cafe are two of my favourite shabby chic places at Dempsey, though I have not been back there for a while till recently, on two occassions. PS Cafe looks like a posh cafe in New York overlooking the woods while House is like a spa cum high tea place. 

Presentation of food at both places were great though the chef at House seems to be a little short on the salt for my main dish - fish in a broth of mussels and soba. Couldn't complain about the raspberry chocolate cake with vanilla custard as it had a wonderful nutty texture which goes well with the tart strawberry and the smooth custard. There was also a little promotional message on their place mat - vintage tea party from Thursday to Friday, 3 -5.30pm. Despite it being a weekday, there were lots of ladies , some obviously ladies of leisure indulging in food , tea and gossip. Wish I could live that sort of lifestyle. Nah....I would probably get bored after a while.

While at PS Cafe, I couldn't help admiring the 2 huge bouquets of hydrangeas near the door. Was disappointed when I got to the table as there was only a small vase with a single stalk of decaying chysanthemums. Dying flowers make me a little sad somehow so I kept looking at the hydrangeas instead. Had a miso cod fish with a salad at the side and it was delicious without making me feel guilty. But I did take quite a bit of french fries with triffle oil from my friend , not to mention the desserts that came after. My friend had lemon pudding while I had the ginger one and both came served with lots of cream and ice cream. Oh dear ! But I  convinced myself that it was alright and I would go back to my down to earth porridge lunch the next day.

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