Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

It is one of the world 's largest indoor market selling a whole range of goods, from clothes, accessories, plants, household goods and ceramics to antiques, food and even pets. Divided into 27 sections with each section specialising in a category of goods, though the  demarcation is never quite clear sometimes. Best part of Chatuchak is its organic growth and expansion through the years, with its origins as a smaller flea market in the 1940's for the locals to what it is today. According to its official website, the Chatuchak Weekend Market attracts around 30% tourists. I especially like the fact that locals and tourists get to shop at the same place which makes it more authentic. 

I arrived in Bangkok last Saturday night and spent a day at Chatuchak on Sunday. Despite  almost a day there, I managed to only cover section 2 -7 and not all 27 sections, a mere fraction of the market. I was multi-tasking along the way, taking pictures discreetly while trying to get a better price for my purchases, though I must say I am really bad at the art. Most of the time, I get to reduce the asking price by only 10% -15%. I could do better but bargaining takes time and I was anxious to see and buy more. Some people start from as low as 50% of the asking price, making their way from there.

Just as the stalls at Chatuchak were getting ready to close for the day at around 6pm, it started to pour. Despite being tired, I was enjoying myself way too much to want to call it a day. But alas ! Till the next time then. I will be back. 

A succulent and juicy selection of fruits that will never turn rotten

A boxy selection of vintage inspired bags

Look out for the Thai designer section at Chatuchak
Beautiful fabrics for hats on hot days


Time out for a drink at the many stalls and cafes

Hanging ceramics of baby elephants

Toilet signs that are way more fun and colourful than M and W

Little custard puffs sold in bags

Glass bottled drinks are still popular in Thailand

Mango with glutinous rice, a Thai favourite

Smiling monks in a row (snapped discreetly)


Eating with locals at a side stall.

Spicy and delicious

Portraits of Thai royalty everywhere

Grilled street side chicken

Fried street side fish cakes

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