Thursday, August 11, 2011

Handmade wooden chimes from Bangkok

I am impressed by the creativity of the Thais. They have managed to embrace changes in today's modern world, yet retain the pride of their culture with energy and enterprise. Thai handicraft is renowned and their eye for quality control makes their exports competitive. Some of my favourite buys in Chatuchak include wood carvings of animals, skilfully put together as wind chimes of a different kind. A string that is simply yet deftly put together contols the movement of its parts - flappable wings on pigs, pecking chickens in a cage, etc. The lady who owns the shops designs and puts together these whimsical and enchanting wooden creatures that are skilfully carved by villagers. Souvenirs or toys with an artisan touch are really charming. Even my two daughters are amused and they now hang at different corners of the house.

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