Friday, May 18, 2012

Richard Scarry 's World of Busytown

They say that diversity is good. Different types of people have different strengths and ways of seeing things. If we learn from others who are different from us, we see perspectives that weren't apparent if we were to stick with our own kind of people.

Now to something less intense but yet runs along a similar thought. I grew up with the books of Richard Scarry and made it a point to share with my daughters the joys and diversity of his books. A worm who is best friend with a cat, a fox who is a genius in fixing anything "Fixit is my name and Fix it is my game", a dog named Sergeant Murphy who keeps law and order in Busytown, restaurants where hogs, crocodiles, leopards, cats and pigs hog it out as the most unlikely dinner companions. The diversity is endless....beavers, hippos, owls, gorillas, bears, raccons, goats, wolves and more. Millions of Richard Scarry's books have been sold, translated into many languages and even made into a cartoon series. Some kids' books are just timeless classics and thank you Huckle the Cat, Lowly Worm, Sergeant Murphy, Mr Fixit, Hilda Hippo for making my childhood and that of my kids so much fun with the wonderful and diverse world of Busytown !

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