Monday, January 21, 2013

Community Garden

a discarded bed is recycled and made into a nursery for seedlings, protected from the harsh sun and rain

The leaves of the winter melon plant 

A water melon plant 

With such care and dedication, even strawberries can be grown in Singapore

The Ribena plant

The community garden at our block is lovingly taken care by the residents, at least a few who are blessed with green fingers. Each plot, stone walkway, seedling bed, overhead vine and fruit tree is lavished with care. Best of all, most of the wooden structures including a little shed is painstakingly built from scratch from discarded pieces of wood, including a little bed. 

This garden brings back alot of the kampong spirit in the estate and has won a number of community garden awards. Over the past few years, I've seen pak choy, butterhead lettuce, kangkong, passion fruit, guava, lime, ciku, watermelon, corn, papayas, winter melon, loofah and more growing on this plot of land. What surprised me most were little strawberries. I never knew it was possible to grow them in Singapore. The fruits of their labour provide such a refreshing sight in our dense urban jungle.

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