Monday, January 14, 2013

Flea market and Salvation army finds of 2013

A sweet faced soft to the touch little squirrel

Wooden oriental dolls from the Salvation army

A porcelain piece of art by Nancy Gan

I've always love the serendipity moment of flea hunting and pride myself on being able to spot something beautiful in a pile of disarray. Bought a beautiful porcelain tile of 2 sparrows and on the back it says "Exclusively painted for SIA in 1987 by Nancy Gan, a Singaporean artist who specializes in porcelain painting." Apparently there are 8 in the series of birds which were given out to first class and business class SIA passengers in the 80s. I will definitely keep a lookout to see if there are more so that I start my own wall collection. Beginning to appreciate birds a little more these days as I live near Bishan park and migratory birds of very unusual feathers seem to take a liking to the newly landscaped park and its surroundings lately.

Another charming find for 2013 is a sweet face squirrel that is just lovely to the touch. A nice elderly man sold it to me at the flea market for $5. Love the little acorn in its hands. Yet another $5 find were 2 Oriental wooden dolls found at the Salvation army outlet in Woodleigh. My husband who knows me too well by now actually made a stop there that day without me prompting. Perhaps he is beginning to love the idea of buying second hand treasures. He actually picked up a cricket bat there for my daughter who has just learned the sport at school. She went "batty" over the bat and we played cricket last Sunday at the park, the only ones doing so amidst others playing football, skating, jogging and cycling. I know nothing of the game initially but I am getting there. Recycling lost treasures and simplifying my needs for new material things in life are just some of my goals for 2013. I just hope I don't lose sight as the year progresses.  

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