Sunday, January 20, 2013

Singapore coffee grind and sold the traditional way

Choose your blend of roasted coffee beans 

Weighing the beans

Heavy traditional machinery for grounding coffee  

Nicely grounded coffee 

Long before Starbucks and Coffee Bean made their presence in Singapore, we had shops that sold roasted coffee beans from tins. Most of these roasted beans make their way to Singapore from Indonesia in large gunny sacks of 50kg. The beans are grind into a fine powder using very traditional machines. Was at the Pek Kio market one afternoon for lunch and a very traditional shop that still sells and ground coffee the old  way caught my eye. My friend who drinks coffee ordered half a kilo of roasted beans ($17 a kilo) and we watched as the uncle puts it through the process. It is good to see some of these old shops still thriving in the older estates.

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