Sunday, January 6, 2013


Love local fruits and a fruit which seems to have been overshadowed by durians is the humble cempedak. Though commercially not as successful, I do feel that the cempedak has a fragrance and taste that can rival that of the durian. Once it is opened, the little golden fleshy fruits have to be pulled away from its sticky interior of numerous folds. I always loved digging in to dislodge those golden treasures though it makes my hand sticky from the fruit sap and I've got to go looking for a little oil just to get rid of it. Nevertheless, it doesn't stop me.

The cempedak is only available when in season but there's no escaping its wonderful fragrance when a stall is nearby. Think I ate the best cempedak just recently from a little stall in Whampoa. The fruits were big and juicy with the smallest seeds. If cempadak seeds are of the right size, they can actually be washed, steamed and eaten.

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