Monday, June 22, 2015

Dirty Jane's Emporium and Market Place at Bowral , New South Wales, Australia

It is called Dirty Jane's Emporium and Market Place, a huge warehouse or shall I say Aladdin 's Cave full of antique treasures from over 60 independent sellers. These sellers are not based there as all selling are handled by just a few service staff based on a consignment model. Every antique already has a price tag and if you fancy a piece of vintage treasure, just bring it to the counter to pay. You could also call for service if you want to find out more about the antique chest of drawers that caught your eye. Everything is pretty relaxed here and I just love how everything is displayed. It feels like you've just walked in to someone's kitchen or dining room in the 60s. 

I spent quite a few hours browsing through it, reminiscing how things were better made to last back in those good old days. Being a collector, I was so tempted to buy the drinks trolley but it would be too much a hassle of trying to get it back to Singapore. 

An early cash register 

Fancy making house calls in that beautiful doctor bag

A beautiful butter dish 

A lovely shade of green for this vintage kitchen piece.

A modern paper light pendent amidst the old treasures

Washing clothes was done by hand and a good ole washboard back in the old days

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