Monday, June 22, 2015

The Cake Bake and Sweets Show, Sydney 2015

Friends know that I have a sweet tooth and my favourite meal of the day is tea time on a weekend when there is actually time to indulge in cakes and pastries and a wonderful brew of tea made by my husband. He "tariks" my tea (pulls the tea) which creates a nice foam or bubbles at the top. A lovely gesture which I appreciate very much. Well, if only I could have my tea tarik to accompany the sweet treats that await my discovery. 

So glad I made it to Sydney ! I haven't had a holiday since May 2014 and I've become a very dull person indeed with no inspiration or time to blog. Needed some colour, change of environment and something sweet. It came in 2 ways - my sweet long time friend Cynthia who now calls Sydney home and of course the Cake Bake and Sweets Show happening at the Sydney Showground at the Olympic Park from the 12-14 June, 2015. 

The colours of the sweet treats were amazing and of course the artistry that goes into the making of these creations too. Macarons in rainbow colours, some even glittery and shimmering, fanciful and whimsical cake displays of Snow White and the evil Queen, Alice in Wonderland , dragons and more. If elegant and sophisticated cakes were more your cup of tea, the range of cakes by the finalists in Australia's Cake Decorating Competition was really the " tip of the icing". Plain fondant sold in tubs take on a different life of its own when it is moulded by skilful, talented hands. . Sometimes, less is more as shown by the winning entries. The devil is in the details such as the combination of colours, the details of the motifs and how it is presented. 

Cynthia and I went around sampling sweet treats but we did notice that amongst the sweetness, visitors were actually looking for something savory during lunch and the few stalls that did savouries like pies were doing a good business. We took a sweet break for some Moroccan lamb, beef burgundy, butter chicken and chicken leek with Swiss cheese pies. A cute set of 4 dainty little pies that cost just $8. Quite reasonable and most importantly, delicious ! 

There were lots to buy if you needed cake making utensils, equipment and of course ingredients. I bought some rose and orange blossom water to tinge my desserts in and a bright red happy spatula for my daughter who just took up baking recently to appease her sweet taste buds. Like the French and the British, the Australians do take their baking seriously and this has generated big business in baking. Came across quite a number of suppliers for all baking needs at the show. In Singapore, cake making supplies are dominated by Phoon Huat. I can't really think of anyone else.

It was just the first day of my Sydney Australia trip and boy was it SWEET ! Quite a change from the regular sight-seeing and I loved it ! 

Greek sweets - Baklava 

Time for a selfie at the Olympic park before the show

The winning cake decoration. Simple yet beautiful in its detailing and colour combination. 

Check out those eyes. The evil glare made from something sweet ! How nice ! 

Moroccan lamb pie, beef burgundy pie, butter chicken pie and chicken leek and Swiss cheese pies 

A Turkish flatbread with mutton minced in between. 

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