Monday, June 22, 2015

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Domain

Took a ferry ride from Meadows Bank (where I was staying at a friend's place) to Circular Quay. It was really enjoyable as it was a nice, cool day in early winter. Headed to the Rocks for lunch where two seagulls took pecks at my chicken tika wrap with one brilliant move. One distracted me and the other swooped down for the kill ! I was a little perturbed at first but this was soon replaced by amusement. Perky little rascals ! A walk at the Royal Botanic Gardens would do me a whole lot of good at this moment. 

It was just next to the iconic Sydney Opera House, through Queen Elizabeth II Gate. Lying straight ahead was the Domain of the Gardens, a beautiful stretch that extends to the world renowned Sydney Harbour. Here you get a panaromic view and if you walk further, it will take you to the historic Mrs Macquaries Chair. 

I stopped by every now and then to enjoy the flowers and the trees. Unlike the European continent, Sydney 's winters are pretty mild and the park was still green and blooming with flowers. There were some labels which tell the name of the plants but these covered only a selected number of trees and flowers. I really wished there were more. 

I love how nature restores my energy and sense of well being. Long walks at parks clears my head of the fog that life brings, making me see things with a lot more clarity. 

To add whimsical to beauty - a whole colony of cockatoos and parakees which seemed to have made the Gardens their home. Most of these birds are tagged and they were very used to human company. Just hold a piece of bread and they will swoop down to say Hello! These birds are a cheeky lot and I observe how they love perching on the heads of visitors. Some are natural born stalkers too. Like the bird that kept going in my direction relentlessly ! 

The Domain of the Royal Botanic Gardens gives a beautiful view of the Sydney Harbour 

The Queensland bottle tree 

Cockatoos and parakees love visitors with bread 

Natural stalkers, not the Facebook type but just as troublesome. Had one who kept  following me around. 

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