Saturday, October 10, 2015

National Museum of Singapore - 70s and 80s lifestyle

On display at the National Museum of Singapore was the interior of a HDB flat from the early years. Within were the familiar household appliances and gadgets from the 70s and 80s. This kitchen cabinet on display is pretty quaint and I love how the colours of orange and brown held everything together. Sunbeam, Singer, Sanyo, National were all familiar brands from those nostalgic years. I remember the whistling kettle too especially its whimsical name and the cute sounds it made when the water reached boiling point. 

National Museum of Singapore 
93 Stamford Road
10-7 pm daily
Admission : Free for Singaporeans and permanent residents (SG50 year)
$10 adults and $5 students and seniors aged 60 and above 

I have never come across a cake mixer and blender all in one before. Think it is a great idea for my space starved kitchen 

My mum had National brand products too which kept going and going. 

Every household back then aspired to have a Setron or a Telefunken TV 

I had this bed too when I was a baby. Cane was commonly used to make furniture such as chairs and beds. 

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