Saturday, October 10, 2015

National Museum of Singapore - Singapore history gallery

The new permanent exhibits at the National Museum of Singapore are up with a more interactive and compelling way of telling the history of Singapore. The Singapore history gallery on level 1 charts the development of the island through the various stages - Singapura, a crown colony, 
Syonan-To and finally Singapore. What really stood out for me in terms of intensity was the Syonan-To years when Singapore fell to the Japanese. The pictures, stories and items on exhibit told a vivid story and I 'm sure many school kids will be making school excursions soon.  

National Museum of Singapore 
93 Stamford Road
10-7 pm daily
Admission : Free for Singaporeans and permanent residents (SG50 year)
$10 adults and $5 students and seniors aged 60 and above 

The Japanese invaded Singapore from Johore riding on similar bicycles 

How the Japanese and the Allies squared up in terms of soldiers and  artillery  

This table at the boardroom of Ford Motors was where the British officially surrendered  to the Japanese 

Changi Prison was built as a civilian prison in the 1930s but it was overcrowded with POWs and civilian interns when Singapore fell. 

A Changi prison cell door used during those dark years 

An exhibit featuring the clothes that war heroine Elizabeth Choy wore when she was interrogated and tortured by the Japanese 

Jubilation broke out on the streets when the Japanese surrendered putting an end to the war

The Japanese surrendered  after the bombing of Hiroshima 

Lord Mountbatten and troops at the official surrender ceremony of the Japanese 

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