Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Original Singapore dishes

Lunar New Year Raw Fish Salad

Singapore Yam Basket

Back in 1963, Singapore had four Heavenly chefs who created some of the country's most unique dishes. They were Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai, the late Mr. Tham Mui Kai, Mr. Sin Leong and Mr. Lau Yoke Pui. Hooi Kok Wai created the yam basket, one of my favourite Chinese restaurant dishes. It was like a bird's nest created from deep fried yam and in the middle, mushrooms, cashew nuts, prawns with vegetables like carrots and celery. This yam basket usually sits on top of a bed of deep fried rice vermicelli.

But the most famous dish from their collaboration must be the "Lunar New Year Raw Fish", which has now become a culinary favourite in Singapore. The popularity of this dish has even extended to Malaysia and Hong Kong. It is popularly eaten during the Chinese New Year period especially on the 7th day. Chinese wishes of luck, good health, prosperity and fortune are said aloud by everyone partaking in this dish while mixing in the sauces, raw fish ( salmon sashimi is commonly used these days ) and tossing all ingredients together with the chopsticks. The higher you go on the toss, the greater blessings you will receive. This dish certainly rakes in good profits for restaurants during this period.

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