Friday, April 15, 2011

Anthropologie London, King's Road

From museums of human history and culture , I made a diversion to another form of anthropology, one that appeals to the senses in a modern way. It also gives me a much needed therapy of the retail sort. Anthropologie has in recent years established itself in London, in both Regent Street and King's Road and after an stimulating museum visit, it feels good to be visiting this lovely store. Just like how a museum curator has to visualise how an exhibit should be displayed, an Anthropologie store visualiser has to exercise great creativity and flair for the store's interior and window display. This time, a large number of green bottles hanging down in a cascading fashion, provides a lovely backdrop to the clothes on display.

Within the store, a hand written receipe for sponge cake on a blown up foolscape paper adds a nice whimsical and homely touch to the crockery which comes in beautiful colours and shapes. I bought a lovely cup with red and pink flowers and ensured that I wrapped it carefully within my suitcase. All went well till I got home. I had to drop it accidentally on the first day, breaking its handle. Hopefully, some super glue will do the trick. If you are in the vicinity of an Anthropologie shop, do drop by. As the British people love to say, "It's lovely !"

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