Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carpenter and Cook

Was at Carpenter and Cook for tea last week. I've not been in the Beauty World area for years and this area looks a little messy with the MRT construction going on but guess it will be a lot more accessible after all is done.

Ordered a passion fruit meringue tart which looked like a little Alpine forest in spring with the snow melting away. The curd below the peaks tasted good as the sharp taste of passion fruit always goes well with sugar sweetness and the richness of butter.Was surprised that the brew of mint tea I had was made from fresh mint leaves. That's a nice touch as most places serve mint tea from tea bags.

The place was also filled with the owners' flea market finds. Those who lived during the period of colonial Singapore will probably remember them well. The tea cup display set looked like something straight out of an early Robinson or High Street store in Singapore back then except that it was most likely used to display ties and scarfs. People at the cafe were mostly young ladies who enjoy the quaint decor of the place and the cakes and pastries. Of course, the cupboards, weighing machines and other collectibles were way older than most of them :)

Ahh...blending passion for cakes and pastries with flea marketing, how cool is that !

Passion fruit meringue tart

Mint tea made from fresh mint leaves

Vintage sewing machines have the most beautiful intricate designs which make great table bases

An antique counting machine and more

To me, this is the loveliest display in the cafe

Are you hungry, thirsty or both ?

In true vintage fashion, nothing matches and that's perfectly alright

Vintage inspired wall paper with a lovely texture 

Is that Tweety Dee or Tweety Dum ?

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