Friday, April 5, 2013

Radley bags

I do not love any particular brand in general and branded bags are way too overpriced for me to make sense of it. In fact, I have an aversion to bags with monograms and big metallic engraved brand plates.

So it is quite out of my style to write about a branded product but I must admit that the Radley brand has grown on me over the years, since my first Radley leather cross body pocket bag. It was purchased at Heathrow airport years back and I have never even heard of the brand at that time. I was drawn by  its simplicity and functionality and how it could be strapped across the body leaving your hands free for work or for play. You can also carry it in such a way that the bag hangs in front of the body which hopefully keeps the pick pockets at bay. Think my first Radley bag costs me 72 pounds which was quite a lot, considering the exchange rate then was 1 British pound to around 3 Singapore dollars.

Over the years, the Singapore dollar has grown in strength while the pound has become weaker, making the Radley bag more affordable. Radley is not available in any shop in Singapore but there is a Radley Asian portal that sells it in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Though it carries only a limited range, my interest has been rekindled again. Bought a Grosvenor cross body bag, a style inspired by an equestrian saddle and a Baker street grab bag inspired by a doctor's bag. It looked truly like my old vintage doctor's bag which I keep as part of my retro collection. The Radley version of it is beautifully crafted in leather with a small and cute Radley terrier tag attached.

Apparently, some Radley designs such as the pocket bag are their best selling classics which get updated seasonally with different colours, stitch details and texture. My first black Radley across body bag still serves me well after more than 5 years. Radley bags are not high end glamour bags but well made leather goods - simple yet stylish, priced at the mid range market. Very niche among Singaporeans who often go gaga over Miu Miu, Prada, LV, Gucci and more.
My first classic Radley pocket bag

The 2013 range of pocket bags in colours of spring 

Radley's Baker street grab bag inspired by the vintage doctor's bag 

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