Friday, September 23, 2016

Cakes at Acland Street, St Kilda, Melbourne

A path laden with magic dust from the sweet toothed fairy and as she waved her wand, sweet confectionery creations begin appearing at the shop windows. Acland Street in Melbourne seems right out of a page of an enchanting tale. To a cake person, this is what dreams are made of, fluffy sweets and confectionery with exotic European names, reminding me so much of shops featured in vintage Enid Blyton books where children stop and drool. The cake shops at Acland Street Melbourne have been here since 1934 and apparently some recipes have not changed since they first started.  I had a brandy snap with tea and it was filled with the most lip smacking vanilla cream. There are 4 of such vintage cake shops along the same street, each with its own specialties. Monarch seems to specialize in chocolate Kooglhoupf, a yeast based cake with thick swirls of melted chocolate, Le Bon Cake Shop seems to boast a pride worthy vanilla slice cake that comes in layers of flaky puff pastry, infused with the richness of vanilla cream. I was hoping to come again the next day for tea but alas, my schedule didn't quite permit it.

I will be back again next Spring and hopefully, I will trod down this path of least resistance along the yellow brick road.

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