Sunday, September 25, 2016

Camberwell Sunday Market , Melbourne

Wanted to experience an Australian flea market where treasures can be found amidst the pile of seemingly trash so my friend and  I trotted down to Camberwell Sunday Market despite intermittent light showers. Underestimated the time to get there and when we reached, we had  less than an hour to "rummage" as the market closes at 12.30pm. Still we wasted no time and had to be decisive about our buys.

The good part about it - vendors wanted to close deals quickly before they packed up for the day and my rusty bargaining skills got a bit of a polish. I would take at least 30 - 40% off any price and surprisingly, they took it at first bite. I targeted porcelain plates from England as I wanted to add on to my home collection and only places in England and Australia would have quite a fine collection of vintage plates such as Wedgwood, Johnson Bros and more from the kilns of Staffortshire and Stoke on Trent. It is amazing how most of these old pieces have stood the test of time due to their fine workmanship. Here's a video link to how it was done back in 1966 at Wedgewood. 

Dark clouds are looming in the horizon and open air flea markets like this are totally dependent on the weather 

This dog is not for sale but it's indeed a treasure ! 

These vintage bags are lovely but they weigh a ton.. 

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