Sunday, February 7, 2010

Durian fudge cake

I am in a cake making phase in life and this weekend, I indulged in a cake using my all time favourite fruit, the thorny and fragrant (pungent to some) durian. It was my mum's favourite fruit too and and I was all set to make it for her birthday. However, I ran into a little hitch. My usual durian haunts are now selling mandarin oranges and pomelos as Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Searched high and low and finally found a stall. Durian season is now coming to an end and the durians are priced higher that what I would normally pay but regardless, I need to make my cake. Making the sponge cake base was easy and I find that using a mix of optima and Hong Kong Flour gives the sponge cake a very good texture. The durian cream or fudge was a little more challenging. Was distracted for a while while melting the sugar in the coconut cream and it coagulated due to overheating. Luckily I hadn't mix in the blended durian yet and rushed down to the nearby store to get a new packet of coconut cream. At the end of it, the durian custard cream turned out fine and tasted just like Peranakan durian puree. Yummy !

My mum who is usually sceptical about my "experiments" liked it too. Will try making durian puffs the next time but I think it is best to wait till the new durian season begins again.

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