Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hobbycraft miniatures

A vintage Austin caravan
A Volkwagen van with its own trailer A Morris Minor convertible
Every kid would love to own a beautiful train set
A town scene in the 60's
There is a Hobbycraft shop in Queen Victoria Building in Sydney which has a wonderful display of the tiniest miniatures ever. The details that go into the landscape of a railway station, an amusement park and the beach are amazing. I felt like Gulliver looking down at the world of the Lilliputians and wondering if one giant step of my foot would send the little people scurrying in fear. Hobbycraft also carries a nice range of vintage cars that are featured in the displays and I couldn't resist getting some of them including a Morris Minor convertible, a pink Cadillac Eldorado and an Austin caravan. I am not really into miniature cars but these vintage ones are simply too cool to resist.

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