Sunday, February 21, 2010

Paddington market, Sydney

Prints on blocks
Vintage bags and collectibles
Mirror, mirror on a fence
Beautiful hand painted book covers
The colours of summer
Something for mums to laugh about !

Hand made clothes using lovely fabric
Couldn't resist one in my name
A colourful twist to everyday toilet signs
Hanging mobiles with beautiful design patterns
Mix and match letters made in resin
Over the Chinese New Year week, I headed to Sydney to visit a very good family friend. As short as the trip was, it was fulfilling in many ways - catching up with each other's lives and soaking up the rich sunshine and glorious landscape of Sydney.

Australian design has always been colourful and rich, whether in aboriginal artwork, modern beachwear, sundresses or handmade wares and the best way to expose oneself to the bright rays of Australian-made is through its markets.
Paddington market - which is located on the grounds of the Paddington Unity Church in Oxford Street has been a landmark market for budding Australian designers. They have quite a stringent policy of renting out stalls. Their "meet the maker within the market" policy has kept it unique and upheld its quality. However, there may be an occassional stall selling vintage bags, jewellery or porcelain china. Prices may be on the high side but hand made goods are charming and do command a certain level of respect for its uniqueness. I personally love such markets for its eclectic shopping !

Paddington market
Oxford Street
Saturday 10-4pm

Address : 2 Newcombe Street
New South Wales

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